Coleman Curated
How it Works
Welcome to Coleman Curated.
Music Made Personal.

As a professional DJ, music is my world. And as a fellow music lover, I understand
how challenging and time-consuming it can be to find truly great tracks and build amazing mixes.

That’s why I created Coleman Curated – to enhance your life by
making it easy for you to access and download professionally curated
and mastered mixes designed for day, evening and night.

I personally build every mix to be a unique, 60-70 minute musical journey (15-20 tracks each).
Every month features three, new mixes.

The categories of day, evening and night remain consistent,
but the styles and moods change.

Download* 1 monthly mix = $40
Download* all 3 monthly mixes = $100

*All downloads are the highest quality MP3’s for best sound.

Start collecting music to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy!